MUSG elects students to vice president positions


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Students from across the university, but specifically those involved with IT or computer science, will be able to give their thoughts on what they want in the new CIO, Gillespie said. Marquette Wire stock photo.

Marquette University Student Government elected its programming vice president and communications vice president during an election Feb. 12. This election only occurs once a year.

Paige Hunt, a senior in the College of Health Sciences, was elected to the programming position, and Valerie Del Campo, a junior in the College of Communication, was elected to the communications position.

Before the election, an MUSG committee interviewed the candidates. Blake Hartman, a senior in the College of Business Administration, spoke about the committee designed to choose the candidates.

“The committee spends a lot of hours choosing the candidates. The Senate is highly confident of the people they are bringing forward,” Hartman said.

This will be Del Campo’s second year in a row as communications vice president. Del Campo said she got accustomed to the position last year and plans on making the position more of her own this year.

Some of her plans include introducing more Senate spotlights and student spotlights.

Although Hunt was unable to attend the meeting, her fellow senators spoke highly of her.

Along with the election, MUSG’s meeting included other updates for the Marquette community.

Dana Warren, a senior in the College of Business Administration, spoke about pursuing a Marquette Madness event using a sport other than basketball. He also proposed an event celebrating freshmen’s successful first year at college, which would take place at the end of this semester.

Erin Murphy, a senior in the College of Engineering, touched upon the idea of a single app that would combine many aspects of Marquette. The app would feature sites for D2L, laundry and wellness.

Kevin O’Finn, a senator and freshman in the College of Arts & Sciences, also shared a personal update with his company, Headphones+, which sell light-up headphones that benefit nighttime runners. 

O’Finn’s start-up is currently on Facebook. “We announced we are launching in May. That’s currently our plan,” he said.