Two MUSG vice president hires found unconstitutional

Two MUSG vice president hires found unconstitutional

Marquette Student Government announced its programs vice president and financial vice president hires as unconstitutional Thursday, which was the ruling of Judicial Administrator Sarah Miller, a senior in the College of Arts & Sciences.

Even though Miller found both hires unconstitutional, the position of judicial administrator does not carry the constitutional authority to overturn the decisions of the Senate. Therefore, both the PVP and FVP will remain in office for the time being.

When Nick Ciccone, a junior in the College of Business Administration, was hired to become the new FVP in December, no student-at-large was put in the hiring committee per constitutional requirement. The same thing occurred when Ryan Twaddle, a sophomore in the College of Arts & Sciences, was hired to replace outgoing PVP and presidential candidate Tyler Tucky, a junior in the College of Arts & Sciences. The issue arose at a Senate meeting two weeks ago when senators discovered the Communications Vice President-hire Sarah McClanahan, a junior in the College of Communication, did not face a student-at-large when she was hired either.

On the CVP issue, Miller ruled the letter of the constitution was violated, but significant efforts were made to find a student at large so the spirit of the constitution was not violated and therefore the Senate was free to approve the candidate. Because the PVP and FVP were already voted on, a formal petition to review the hires needed to be submitted to Miller. Zach Wallace, a junior College of Arts & Sciences senator, submitted that petition.

Ciccone is the only VP that took office on his own thus far, which he did Feb. 15 when he succeeded former FVP Cole Johnson, a junior in the College of Business Administration. New CVP McClanahan will replace outgoing CVP Alex Lahr, a senior in the College of Communications, April 30. The pair currently serves simultaneously in the position. PVP Twaddle served simultaneously with PVP Tucky for the past month. He will continue serving simultaneously with Tucky, unless he is elected president March 26, leading to him needing to step down from his VP position.