MUSG approached about reviewing MU’s common core

MUSG approached about reviewing MUs common core

John Su, the director of the Marquette Core of Common Studies, spoke to the Marquette Student Government about the plan to review the core at its weekly senate meeting Thursday night. MUSG also approved a new Communications Vice President, and passed a resolution recommending that the university adopt the Catholic Coalition on Climate Change’s St. Francis Pledge.

Su spoke to MUSG about the pre-program review plan the university has for the common core review, which will be taking place during fall 2014. During his presentation, Su spoke about the about how the Marquette common core compares to those at similar universities. Marquette actually has one of the smallest common core programs of all the Association of Jesuit Colleges and Universities affiliate institutions with only 36 required common core credits, or 12 classes. Su said input from MUSG is “absolutely essential” to the process as it is the representative body for Marquette students.

MUSG elected Sarah McClanahan, a junior in the College of Communication, to be the next communications vice president by a vote of 23-to-3 with one abstention. McClanahan’s election was delayed by one week after questions were raised about the constitutionality of the hiring process undertaken by MUSG President Sam Schulz, a senior in the College of Arts & Sciences. This week, the MUSG Judicial Administrator Sarah Miller, a senior in the College of Arts & Sciences, ruled that the spirit of the constitution was not violated and therefore the election could proceed.

MUSG also approved a recommendation that the university adopt the Catholic Coalition on Climate Change’s St. Francis Pledge. The pledge would encourage the university to increase sustainability efforts and was adopted by 23 other institutions including Loyola Chicago.