Show of the Week: [email protected]


Photo courtesy of Fr. Nathaniel Kidd

For the very first Show of the Week this semester, Marquette Radio is excited to feature [email protected]. It is a thought provoking talk show hosted by Father Nathaniel Ogden Kidd.

Each week, Father Nathaniel hosts guests from around campus to get their insight on how faith and beliefs are connected to the way people live their lives. Each topic for his show is presented in a way that is interesting and engaging. The question, “How do you practice your faith at Marquette?” is the central focus and driver for the conversation. The show’s creation stemmed from Father Nathaniel’s appreciation for Marquette’s value and acceptance of faith, but he felt that there was a need for deep, thoughtful and authentic conversations about faith that could not only benefit his listeners, but teach him something as well.

In addition to his show, Father Nathaniel serves in a mission church, volunteers with the Canterbury Fellowship on campus and is currently working on his dissertation. When he does have some free time on his hands, he enjoys music, fine teas and board games. “I wear many hats, but one collar” he said.

As a first time radio DJ, Father Nathaniel is using [email protected] as an experiment to see where he can take his knowledge and what doors this platform may open for him. You can catch [email protected] on Mondays at 9 a.m. live on Marquette Radio.