MUR Show of the Week: Jams Jams and Jam

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This week we are featuring Jams Jams and Jam. It is a sports, pop culture and food show hosted by Julia Pagliarulo and Maeve Hourihan.

Jams Jams and Jam was born when Julia and Maeve met each other while they were studying abroad in Rome during the fall semester. They heard about Marquette Radio and wanted to come up with a unique show that they could do together in the spring semester. By combining both of their interests they decided that their show was going to be a show about sports, pop culture and food. Despite the fact that all these subject areas are very different, Julia and Maeve are able to combine them together in a fun and interesting way. Their show is definitely one of a kind and you will definitely not be able to find anything quite like it on Marquette Radio and possibly anywhere else.

Maeve and Julia are both big sports fans. They are both love the Red Sox, and Julia is a fan of the Patriots, Celtics and of course Marquette basketball.

You can catch Jams Jams and Jam at 3 p.m. LIVE on Marquette Radio.

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