Marquette Radio’s featured Show-of-the-Week: Curtain Call


DJ TOLO in-studio as a young freshman DJ

Every great artist owes the people a curtain call, and with that we introduce to you one of the most deserving ones at Marquette Radio. MUR is proud to present our featured show of the week, Curtain Call! The culmination of DJ TOLO’s 8 semesters of radio dedication, the show is an electronic music explosion every Monday night at 9:00. What started with a coveted midnight time slot his freshman year as In the Mix w/ DJ TOLO, the show shifted to More than Dubstep for the past 3 semesters before taking on its final form as Curtain Call this Spring. If you’re tuning in this semester, you’ll hear all the songs, artists, albums and festivals that have impacted this electronic-music-buff’s tastes and preferences over the years. Every show also finishes with a fresh mix by DJ TOLO, mixed LIVE in the MUR studio.

DJ TOLO (A.K.A. Senior Connor Cacciottolo) does have a life outside of the studio, believe it or not. He is the co-president of The Studio 013 Refugees, Marquette’s one and only improv comedy group, and an MU Evans Scholar. He also says in regards to what you should be listening to, “If I had one album to recommend, it would be ‘WOMAN’ by Justice.”

You can check out The Studio 013 Refugees (including the great Fugee Man) live in one of their various showcases they hold around campus, you can give some of DJ TOLO’s current favorite tracks a listen via the Spotify player below, and you can catch Curtain Call every Monday night from 9:00-10:30 LIVE on Marquette Radio!