New Music Monday (From Down Under): Ball Park Music

Aussie alt-rock band release new LP


When Ball Park Music launched into the stratosphere of Australia’s music scene in 2011, no one could have predicted the extended success they would have.  Their early work attracted the attention of Australian alternative station Triple J, and they later toured to support the likes of Jungle Giants and Boy & Bear.

On August 19, the five piece released their fourth studio album, Every Night the Same Dream.  Feelings kicks off the album with an upbeat funk vibe, leaning into Ever Since I Turned the Lights On, which seems as if it drifted straight from a ’60s documentary.

The lead single from the album, Nihilist Party Anthem, perfectly juxtaposes the idea of a happy party with the idea that “life is awful and you know it”, as lead singer Sam Cromwell so concisely puts it.

The second half of the album settles into perfect alternative jam tracks Peppy and Leef.

Don’t Look at Me Like That surprises with its quick change of tempo mid-song bringing a versatility that isn’t seen much in today’s music.  Every Night the Same Dream concludes with Suit Yourself, a slow jam reminiscent of The Verve’s early work.  You could catch these songs abroad on their latest tour since Ball Park Music is currently touring throughout Australia.