Marquette students’ best moments

Coming from outside the Midwest, Marquette was a leap of faith in terms of adjusting to not only a new school, but a new way of life. My ultimate worry entering freshman year was not knowing anyone. Now that all those worries and unanswered questions are over, it is a proper time to reflect on my first year as a Golden Eagle.

National Marquette Day was an experience like no other. I had always heard about the hype surrounding the glorious celebration, but it wasn’t until my first time experiencing it as a student that I realized the beauty in it. Students seemed to forget all worries and it was as though everyone on campus came out to rejoice in the streets. Watching the basketball game against #1 Villanova was a unique experience in itself. Something about that day made the entire campus glow, and it wasn’t just the warm 50 degree weather in the middle of February.

Traveling throughout the bordering neighborhoods of Marquette gave me the opportunity to experience the rich culture of Milwaukee. ComedySportz in Walker’s Point was a great time for me and my friends to go see a comedy show. The Rave allowed me to see artists from all over the country perform. Watching the Brewers take on other MLB teams at Miller Park was another way to have an enjoyable weekend.

Milwaukee always had some sort of event going on that interested Marquette students. Events such as presidential campaign rallies and theatrical productions gave Marquette students great entertainment.

Restaurants in Milwaukee always seem to please. Whether grabbing lunch with friends or ordering the entire menu with visiting family, the restaurants in Milwaukee provided an enjoyable and delicious form of entertainment. In my opinion, Mo’s… A Place for Steaks was an awesome restaurant that serves the best steaks in Milwaukee.

But the best part about Milwaukee was that not everything fun had to be paid for. Trips to Bradford Beach and Veterans Park were extremely enjoyable to take in the nature aspect of Milwaukee.

I knew when I chose Marquette that I wasn’t just getting an education. The experiences, friendships and life lessons that came along the way are exactly why Marquette will always be a memorable moment in my life.