Marquette announces $1,240 increase in tuition for next year


Marquette Wire Stock Photo.

Another year, another bump in tuition.

Marquette announced Tuesday that undergraduate students returning in the fall will have to cough up $620 more per semester than in the 2014-15 school year. That amounts to a full-year undergraduate tuition price of $36,720.

That’s compared to the 2014-15 year that cost a total of $35,480, translating to a 3.5 percent price jump.

The university stressed in its news release that it focused on keeping the jump as small as possible, and University President Michael Lovell boasted that this was the smallest increase in both dollar amount and percentage over the past four years.

“We have gone to great lengths to ensure that tuition will remain as low as possible, and that by taking cost-reduction initiatives, Marquette will continue to provide a world-class, transformative education for years to come,” Lovell said in the statement.

The average increase of those past four years was 4 percent, compared to an average increase of 5.3 percent over the past decade.

The largest percent increase took place at the height of the recession when tuition jumped up 12.4 percent in 2008.

The university also announced that there will be no increase in student fees, and that room and board rates will increase an an average of 2 percent.

In terms of graduate and professional studies tuition rates, the university made the following announcements:

  • A per-credit increase of $25 for students in the Graduate School and Graduate School of Management
  • A per-credit increase of $20 for graduate students in the College of Education
  • No increase for students in the College of Professional Studies
  • An annual tuition increase of $2,180 for students in the School of Dentisty
  • An annual tuition increase of $1,230 for full-time student who enrolled at Marquette Law School in fall 2010 or later

In terms of general tuition prices across the country, Marquette stands a bit higher than the average nonprofit four-year institution. Overall, the typical student at a private university has to cover a $31,230 price tag, according to data from The College Board.

The amount they actually pay is based on student aid, and that number sits at about $12,360.