Injured student released from hospital

Jennifer Waters in Spain. Photo via Facebook
Jennifer Waters in Spain. Photo via Facebook

The student who received a serious brain injury last month while studying abroad in Spain was released from the hospital Wednesday.

“I got out of the hospital today,” Jennifer Waters said in a text on Wednesday. “I’ll be home in about two to three weeks and hopefully be back at (Marquette) for the spring semester.”

Lisa Waters, Jennifer’s mother, wrote a letter about Jennifer’s condition, which was posted Wednesday to the Waters Dental Group page on Facebook. Lisa said Jennifer will stay in Spain for rehabilitation.

“Jennifer has strict orders to take care of her brain now so that it is healthy in the next 20-60 years,” Lisa said in the post. “We will see Dr. Sallabanda next Tuesday for a check-up and then again on Nov. 25 when he plans to remove the stitches.”

Jennifer was grazed by a car Oct. 19 on her way to a religious service. She fell back and hit her head, resulting in a cranial fracture.

“We will receive further instructions on the 25th as to when we can safely return home,” Lisa said in the post. “Jen will meet with a rehabilitation doctor at the hospital this Friday and a plan will be developed for her next rehab steps here.”

Lisa said her daughter is in good spirits.

“Jen’s sense of humor is definitely intact,” Lisa said in the post. “While waiting to be released she tweeted ‘the hair on my legs is longer then than the hair on my head.'”

Jennifer’s accident required surgery to stop the bleeding and she was put into a medically-induced coma afterward. She woke from the coma Oct. 24, according to an email to the Marquette community from Vice President for Student Affairs L. Christopher Miller.

“We are told (Jennifer) is awake, her memory and speech are returning and she is eating and listening to music,” Miller said in the email.