‘Motion’ continues Calvin Harris’ classic EDM style

Photo via Facebook
Photo via Facebook

Scottish DJ Calvin Harris released his newest album, “Motion” this past Tuesday, which includes hit singles “Blame” and “Summer.” Harris’ work can be compared to DJ David Guetta and is often considered the new, fresh face of electronic dance music. In the past, Harris, who also owns Fly Eye Records, has continuously scored hit songs on the Billboard Hot 100 list and iTunes’ Top 10 since his debut album was released in 2007. Harris, however, shows no signs of slowing down.

In “Motion,” Calvin introduces many tracks that showcase his abilities as a both a DJ and a producer. However, Harris seems to rely too much on the style that brought him fame because his new album clearly shows signs of avoiding any risks that could come with a new sound. Apart from resembling several of his past hits, numerous tracks share many similarities. This style could show through as an attempt to create songs that flow well together, but the final product was rather repetitive.

This is not to say that Calvin Harris’ album is a disappointment; far from it. The album, as most of his work, is extremely energetic and even catchy. As a whole, “Motion,” has the potential to please a variety of musical tastes, with several interesting partnerships and edgy tracks, such as “It Was You.” As a Harris fan, it is safe to say the album captures his essence as an artist.

“Under Control” has the spirit of a classic Calvin Harris song, such as “Feel So Close” (2011). Although it does resemble the album’s first single, “Summer,” the track has lyrics you will be humming for the next week and is likely to be the album’s next big hit.

Harris’ “Motion” shines in the light of the stars he invited to feature on the album. Possibly one of the most intriguing collaborations in this album is with Big Sean in “Open Wide.” This song is packed with racy lyrics and Harris does not fail to keep up the energy. The artists’ two distinct styles mix successfully and the song is one of the most notable tracks of “Motion.” Other featured artists include Gwen Stefani, Ellie Goulding and Haim.

Calvin Harris has yet again produced an album that does not disappoint and it has the potential to bring the DJ even more success.  The closest that Milwaukee will get to seeing Calvin Harris perform his new jams would be at the Allstate Arena in Chicago on Dec. 18, for the KISS FM Jingle Ball. Regardless, “Motion” proved that Harris is not living up to his own creative potential, which might be his downfall, especially if he plans to remain relevant to the EDM movement.