Grey’s Anatomy mid-season premiere


Grey’s Anatomy airs on Thursdays on ABC.

It is back ladies and gentlemen. The long awaited return of Grey’s Anatomy premiered  Thursday to kick off the second half of season 10. The question on most fan’s minds was whether or not April would choose Matthew or Jackson. The first five minutes of the episode did not disappoint. It starts with April running out of her wedding – which she was supposed to marry Matthew – hand in hand with Jackson! Jackson’s last minute declaration of his love for April during her wedding, convinced her to runaway with him. I am so happy that they ended up together, but poor Matthew. He does not appear throughout the whole episode.

Arizona and Callie are fighting as usual. After trying to work on their marriage after the whole cheating scandal, something is just off with them. One minute Arizona thinks that it just isn’t going to work out then three weeks later they are buying a house together. They realize that they should focus on their relationship and concentrate on the present.

Meanwhile Derek is capitalizing on his conversation that he had with the President. The President wants him to start a new venture that focuses on brain mapping. Meredith is mad at him because she wanted him to start slowing down a bit. With their two kids and all of their surgeries, there isn’t a lot of time for them as a couple any more. Derek wants to work with the President and help others out.

Alex’s dad is in bad shape after Shane insisted that he had everything under control but failed. Alex’s dad only has a few days left and Alex is in typical ‘Alex form.’ He is shutting people out and doesn’t want to confront the fact that his dad is dying. His dad does die at the end of the episode and Jo is there to comfort him. Jo and Alex may or may not be engaged. We as the audience are not sure, and I don’t think they are either.

Cristina is back to her normal self as well. Throughout the first half of the this season, Cristina and Meredith’s relationship was heading for rocky waters. They were constantly fighting and being way more competitive than normal. This episode they finally seemed to be friends again. They even did a surgery together and they didn’t fight once. It might be the first episode all season where they are not fighting.

At the end of the episode it is revealed that one of the residents has filed a complaint against the hospital. The complaint is that the doctor’s personal lives are affecting their work lives too much and other workers are having to suffer because of it. There is a new set of rules issued to the doctors that they have to follow, which I can predict will cause some of them trouble in the future. The very ending of the episode reveals that April and Jackson got married, without anyone knowing.

Grey’s Anatomy airs on Thursdays on ABC at 8 p.m. CT.