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10 TV shows to binge-watch over break
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Once Netflix asks if you are still watching a show, it may be time to admit a binge-watching problem. It may hurt your heart to know that several consecutive days have gone by with your eyes glued to a screen, but spring break is dedicated to your relaxation and not even Netflix can judge that. If you need more reasons to watch Netflix over spring break, here are 10 shows that will have you pressing “next episode” after each ending.


  1. Grey’s Anatomy: Check out Meredith Grey’s insane medical adventures throughout this series. Each season adds more drama between the interns and the attendings, including Derek Shepard, aka McDreamy. The medical mysteries will keep you awe-struck with scenarios you would have never thought possible.


  1. Friends: This classic series finally made its Netflix debut in January and it was about time. The shenanigans that these six best friends find themselves in is enough to keep you laughing over break. If only Central Perk existed so anyone could take their laptops there for a Netflix session.


  1. Scandal: Enjoy the drama of Olivia Pope, former White House Communications Director in this series. Pope is employed at her new crisis management firm, make sure to watch in order to see what the trouble Pope stirs up on her own.


  1. Orange Is The New Black: With its third season streaming in June, it is the perfect time to catch up on the crazy happenings of Piper Kerman in women’s prison. Learn about all of the characters that she encounters along the way, including Pennsatucky and Crazy Eyes, and all of the trouble she gets into.


  1. Gilmore Girls: This classic series will fulfill any Netflix binge with the sarcastic humor of Lorelai and Rory Gilmore and the many people they meet and the events that occur in Stars Hallow, Conn. Love interests may come and go for these two ladies but they never fail to find where they belong: at home with one another.


  1. Dexter: Follow blood spatter pattern analyst Dexter Morgan in this thrilling series as you explore the daily happenings in this secret serial killer’s mind.


  1. How I Met Your Mother: Relive the story of Ted Mosby and his journey to meet the love of his life. You can be the judge of this series’ season finale, but not before you enjoy all the nonsense from the gang: Lily, Marshall, Robin and Barney.


  1. The Walking Dead: If you’re not a fan already, it is time to become one. Spring break is a perfect time to find out where Rick and the gang have been lately. After watching every episode on Netflix, make sure to catch up with the current season on AMC.


  1. Parks and Recreation: Take a trip to Pawnee, Ind. to explore the life of Leslie Knope and the outrageous antics that go on in her little town.
  2. House of Cards: This drama-filled series features the life of Democrat Frank Underwood as he seeks a higher position in politics and will do anything in his power to get it.

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