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The food to eat when you NEED to eat.

“If you have a lot of alcohol in your system and you eat a quesadilla at 3 in the morning, it’s delicious.” American actor Aziz Ansari sums up the weekend feeling that countless Marquette students share after a Saturday night of debauchery. But where can this hunger for as many hot dogs, burgers or subs be filled? Right here on Marquette’s campus, of course!

Jimmy John’s

If you’re really hungry:

$4.50 for eight-inch Gourmet Sub Sandwiches

$5.50 for Giant Club Sandwiches

If you’re looking for an affordable option:

$3.50 for Plain Slims (subs without veggies)

$ .50 for one loaf of day-old bread


Real Chili

If you’re really hungry:

$5.74 for a bowl of chili (Mild, Medium, $1.00 additional for Hot)

$2.87 for a second helping (Mild, Medium, $. 50 additional for Hot)

If you’re looking for an affordable option:

$2.75 for a regular hot dog

$1.25 for ice cream

$ .75 for a cookie


Dogg Haus

If you’re really hungry:

$4.40 for a large cheese curds

$5.59 for an Italian beef

$3.69 for a 12 oz. bowl of chili

If you’re looking for an affordable option:

$1.59 for a small fries

$3.29 for most specialty hot dogs




(Courtesy of

If your really hungry:

$6.92 on average for any burrito

$6.57 on average for a taco salad

If you’re looking for an affordable option:

$3.99 for chips and queso

$1.89 for chips and salsa

$3.59 for a kid’s meal naked burrito with a drink and side


Other affordable food options at Marquette


(Courtesy of

$5.00 large one-topping pizza on Tuesdays at Papa Johns

$2.00 quarter-pound microwaveable cheese burgers from 7/11

Free meal swipe with a meal plan for unlimited food until 12 a.m. at McCormick Dining Hall.


Insider’s tips:

Marquette Gyros has random night hours, so don’t trust it.

Hot cookie nights at McCormick are the best times to go.

Jimmy John’s puts out their day-old bread at 10 a.m. and usually runs out anywhere from 4-7 p.m., so try to get it as a quick snack before you go out.

Try to eat at Dogg Haus before 12 a.m. to avoid the long lines.

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