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Gift Guide

Gift giving is a fun and creative way to show you care for the people who mean something to you.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, a time of thoughtfulness and holiday spirit that we share with our friends and family through memorable gifts. Gift giving is a fun and creative way to show you care for the people who mean something to you. Sometimes, though, giving presents to others comes with challenges and we can end up in a scurry, trying to brainstorm last minute gift ideas. Have no fear, though! The Marquette Journal is here to help.


The Parents:

Get your parents a thoughtful gift that will remind them of you while you’re away at school. Find a nice photo of yourself and your parents together, whether it was from a nice memory on campus or a family vacation, print it out (old school, we know) and decorate it with a nice picture frame. You can find nice picture frames like this one at Target.×6/-/A-14623084#prodSlot=medium_1_58&term=4×6+picture+frames

Frame: $12.34 online.

The Boyfriend:

Although Milwaukee basketball hasn’t been stellar, it is a rebuilding year for the team that has welcomed a new coach and new talent like Giannis Antetokounmpo. If your boyfriend is into sports, college students can get discount Bucks tickets at the Bradley Center. On Friday, Jan. 10, the Chicago Bulls come to town, and with a heated rivalry like that, an entertaining game is sure to follow.

Price: varies

The Girlfriend:

It’s winter, but one fashion trend is stylish all year round: a scarf. Scarves are classy and can be the perfect accessory for any outfit. For reasonably priced, fashionable scarves nearby, check out Bangles and Bags located in the Third Ward on 159 N. Broadway. They have scarves of all patterns, styles and colors that range from $16-$18. Your girlfriend is sure to love it.

Price:$16 – 18

The Favorite Professor: 

It’s important to recognize the hard work and dedication that our professors put into helping us learn and grow. To thank your favorite professor for all they have done for you this semester, write them a handwritten note letting them know you are grateful for their teaching. Pair this thoughtful message with handmade cookies or another homemade dessert and you may just bump yourself up from an BC to a B for your added effort.

Price: Free!

The Siblings:

Share your Marquette spirit with your siblings and get them a t-shirt from the Marquette Spirit Shop. Look into Value Basics shirts, which are reasonably priced. You will help them add some more blue and gold to their wardrobe and they will have a chance to share their Marquette spirit.

Price: $14.95

The Roommate:

One thing college students can’t live without is coffee. Fill a pretty holiday mug with chocolate, candy canes and a Starbucks gift card for a gift your roommate is sure to use. If you’re roommate is always on the go, consider purchasing him/her a customizable travel mug, which is fashionable every season.,default,pd.html?&srule=Featured&start=0&sz=16&cgid=tumblers-and-travel-mugs

Price: $18.95

The Friend:

The Sports Friend:

Keep your sports fanatic friend inspired by giving them an extra wall decoration for their dorm room or apartment. Amazon offers a variety of posters from various teams and sports, including this motivational poster of Babe Ruth for your friend who loves classic sports heroes.×19-Swing-Quote-Sports-Poster/dp/B006MOIR12/ref=sr_1_2?s=home-garden&ie=UTF8&qid=1382409033&sr=1-2&keywords=sports+posters

Price: $5.99

The Music Lover: 

For the friend who always has a tune in their head, keep their collection updated by giving them an iTunes gift card or getting them a new CD. Speaking of new, if you haven’t already, look into purchasing Paul McCartney’s newest album, “New.” You can get it online at or in stores.

Price: $13.99

The Bookworm:

A friend who reads only wants the opportunity to read more books. To get a creative gift for your literary friend, buy them your favorite book and a bookmark from Barnes and Noble. Write a thoughtful inscription on the inside cover and you’ve given them a gift they can look back on fondly for years to come.

The Couch Potato:

If you have a friend that spends more time in front of the T.V. than in front of their textbooks, get them a season of something they aren’t familiar with that you enjoy. For example, if they aren’t already watching How I Met Your Mother, they should be. The show is in its ninth and final season and the story isn’t complete unless you start from the beginning.

Price: $17.99

The Tech Wiz:

For your friend who is obsessed with texting and tweeting, buy a unique phone case to allow them (and their phone) to stand out in the crowd. On you can pick out a case with a funky pattern or design a custom one just for them.

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