Marquette students sustain serious injuries in accident

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Two female students were hit by a vehicle while walking on the sidewalk Monday at around 9 a.m. Both were brought to Froedtert Hospital for medical care for serious injuries.

The students were at N. 17th  St. and Wisconsin Ave. outside McCabe Hall when the vehicle struck them. Marquette’s Department of Public Safety soon located the vehicle. The Milwaukee Police Department was contacted, and the driver was taken into custody after being hospitalized.

In addition to striking the students, the unidentified 62-year-old driver also hit a parked car, a fire hydrant and a light pole. Fox6 Now reported Monday afternoon that neither alcohol nor drugs were believed to be factors in the crash.

Vice President for Student Affairs L. Christopher Miller said in an email to the Marquette community that the families and residence hall directors of both victims were contacted. Miller encouraged students who witnessed the accident or know the victims personally to seek counseling from either Campus Ministry or the counseling center.

Lucy Kastonek, a sophomore in the College of Communication, found out this morning that her roommate was one of those hit by the vehicle.

“I was told at around 11:30 this morning that she was awake, responsive, and even cracking jokes,” Kastonek said. “When Tara (the McCabe Hall director) sat me down this morning to tell me the news, I was shocked.”

Kastonek explained the seriousness of the situation and how difficult it has been for her personally, in addition to Marquette as a community, because the condition of the victims is not known to many.

“You hear of it happening, but you never think you or someone you know is personally going to be affected by it,” Kastonek said. “I’m still concerned because very little is known except that she was seriously injured, and it’s been difficult to go about my day like normal because my thoughts are with her. But Marquette is a supportive community, and she should know she’s loved and being prayed for. Both of the students involved are.”