Dress Comfortable and Classy this Thanksgiving

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Despite it being a Monday there’s so many reasons to be happy right now!

1.) There’s only two days of school this week

2.) It’s time for the holidays, family, old friends, & feasting


3.) All of these things give you a reason to look extra cute and stylish.

It’s always tough to find something that’s both family and holiday appropriate while also being comfortable (after you gain a thanksgiving feast food baby). So this Thanksgiving, put together an outfit that’s manipulative.  Opt for something that appears very chic and put together, but that’s actually really low key and comfy.  This is  especially easy to do in the fall with layering leggings or tights, skirts,  and sweaters.  Here are some ideas that will function perfectly for the family gatherings + that thanksgiving belly:



Images taken from lookbook.nu

For a  polished and sophisticated yet casual look- Tights, a pleated skirt, flats, and a holiday sweater are ideal



Images taken from lookbook.nu

If your really not feeling a skirt or your family functions tend to be super laid back- opt for a fall hued palette of a clean cut cardigan or blazer,

colored cropped pants, oxfords, and chic accessories that will pull the whole outfit together to make it feel a tad bit more dressed up.



Images taken from lookbook.nu

For post Thanksgiving or airport traveling-  Kick back in some not-so-tight pants like slouchy boyfriend jeans, paired with a sweater or cardigan.  ‘Cause who wants to wear tight clothes after feasting?  Add wedges to the mix for a more put together look.

The bottom line: Stay comfortable and classy and have a wonderful Thanksgiving!



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