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CHUN: Lights, camera, action


If my college years were a movie, my time at the Marquette Wire would be the green screen — A quiet backdrop to some of the most exciting, inspiring and challenging years of my life. 

It was the bright pop of neon green that was everything new and exciting (but slightly intimidating) about beginning a new chapter. But it was also a witness to all the hardships I endured, and a safe place for me to camouflage as I tried to find my way over the past four years.

I always thought I would go into the film industry. I loved the idea of being creative behind the camera, and bringing my writing to life on the screen. But when I started gravitating towards documentary and news-writing at the end of my high school career, I realized there could be other paths for me. And somehow, life led me to the second floor of Johnston Hall — A life-changing place, though I had no idea at the time.

For most of college, I avoided the lights, cameras and action. I worked really hard, but quietly behind the scenes.

I began my time at the Marquette Wire as a first-year student, serving as a copy editor and volunteer writer for the Arts & Entertainment desk. But shortly after joining, a handful of A&E members began to leave – one by one – until it was just myself and another reporter. 

My Monday’s changed nearly overnight. From eagerly observing everything about the production process to frantically putting together the seventh and eighth pages of the Tribune alone, I had to learn a harsh lesson pretty quickly: Life (and news) doesn’t slow down for anyone. I did my best to keep up. 

By the time the COVID-19 pandemic hit, I had become the Executive Arts & Entertainment Editor, and had just started adjusting to my new role. Learning and working remotely was difficult for everyone, but I faced a few extra barriers with my home and school lives being 4,000 miles apart. And sometimes, it was difficult to see what my hard work was really for.

Becoming the managing editor of the Marquette Journal during my junior year changed that; It was like the “climax” of my time at the Wire. Leading all branches of student media to bring my creative ideas to light gave me a sense of confidence and pride I hadn’t felt before.

It also meant stepping out from the shadows sometimes, too.

I challenged myself to anchor or try new roles, and ended up on “Down to the Wire” a few times to talk about my work. The bright green of our television studio – or the constantly bustling newsroom – slowly became something I wasn’t so afraid of. It was something I was proud of. And somewhere under all the lights, I learned that I could be the director of my own show — Or, I could write my own story.

This year, I have had the honor of being the executive investigative editor, where I really learned the value of my words. It’s not where I imagined concluding my time here, but I think it was the perfect resolution. I am incredibly proud of my team — Jolan, Briana and Connor — and what they have accomplished this year.

To mom, dad, Cody and Ethan: You have always been my biggest supporters, even half the country and an ocean away. That will always mean the world to me.

To the Marquette Wire Staff: Thank you for everything. Soon the credits will roll, and I hope you know you’ve all played an important role.

I can’t wait to see what the next film has in store.

This story was written by Skyler Chun. She can be reached at [email protected]

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