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Quinn XCII creates YouTube series behind making of “Change of Scenery II”

Mikael Temrowski, also known as “Quinn XCII,” followed up his 2015 EP “Change of Scenery” with a sequel. Photo via Flickr

Mikael Temrowski, also known as “Quinn XCII,” followed up his 2015 EP “Change of Scenery” with a sequel, “Change of Scenery II,” March 5. The album was done in collaboration with Alex O’Neill, a producer, DJ and singer who goes by the stage name “Ayokay.”

The two are childhood friends, both having grown up in Michigan. Both of them have their respective careers but originally began making music together on Quinn’s earlier projects such as the original “Change of Scenery,” which came out while the two of them were still in college. That EP as well as the song “Kings of Summer” landed both Quinn and Ayokay deals with Columbia Records.

Since then, the two grew apart, each having their own respective careers. Ayokay produced a solo album and collaborated with a variety of different artists on other independent projects. Quinn put out three studio albums.

Last week, Quinn released the fourth and final episode of his documentary mini-series on YouTube that highlights the making of the album called “Change of Scenery II.” Unlike a traditional project recorded in a studio, Quinn and Ayokay’s album was written, produced and finalized out of a small family home in Newport, Rhode Island in just a matter of weeks.

Quinn, Ayokay, managers and producers transformed an East Coast beach house into a studio. The album has 12 songs and has feature appearances from Jeremy Zucker, Chelsea Cutler, Alexander 23 and Ayokay himself.

“The point of ‘Change of Scenery II’ was to revisit the idea of us collaborating on a project and just going back to the roots,” Quinn said in the first episode of the YouTube mini-series. “We wanted to go back to making music just for the love of it.”

Each of the episodes are around 10 minutes long and encapsulate the creative process behind making the album. It shows a group of guys hanging out, making music and enjoying each other’s company. There is minimal editing so you’re able to see the genuine passion both Quinn and Ayokay have for each other and for their careers.

There were moments of laughter, spontaneity and even some sadness as they reflected on their journeys thus far. The album encapsulates all those moments. The 12th and final song on the project is called “Look How Far We’ve Come,” which is about taking a step back.

“When you and I were young this is all we’ve ever wanted,” Quinn sings.

The second half of the song features a familiar beat for Quinn XCII fans who listened to the first “Change of Scenery.” It’s a slightly remixed tune from the song “Another Day in Paradise” that was on the original EP back in 2015.

For Quinn, his time in Newport was a return to his roots doing what he loves with the people he loves.

“This experience was another reminder to take every day moment by moment and sometimes it’s important to go back to the basics,” Quinn said in the fourth episode. “I think when you can do that everything else will fall into place.”

Check out the full documentary mini-series on Quinn XCII’s YouTube channel.

This story was written by Quinn Faeth. He can be reached at [email protected].

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