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Straz’s Bad Luck

Straz Tower has had many incidents only one month into the semester

In only a single week, Straz Tower was hit with numerous instances of bad luck. Not only has norovirus been circulating through the residence hall, snow was found in a stairwell, fire alarms have been going off, elevators have been malfunctioning and water pipes have burst.

According to the Center of Disease Control and Prevention, norovirus is a contagious virus that causes vomiting and diarrhea. It is spread through direct contact with someone who is infected, consuming contaminated food or water and/or touching contaminated surfaces.

“I do worry about the sickness, it’s not deadly or anything, but dealing with two viruses at the same time is stressful,” Sam Gutierrez, a sophomore in the College of Communication, said in an email.

Mia Gleason, a first-year in the College of Education, said her friends all contracted the norovirus, and although she was healthy, it was a stressful situation.

“To say that we are getting hit with the plagues would be an understatement … four of my friends got the norovirus, but have recovered and (they) feel good now,” Gleason said in an email.

Claire Schomogyi, a first-year in the College of Arts & Sciences and Desk Receptionist at Straz Tower, said she was not worried about contracting the norovirus while working and that Straz took excellent measures to ensure that all residents are safe.

“Personally, as a desk receptionist, I feel safe because we take the sanitary and COVID-19 precautions super well,” Schomogyi said. “I do know that the norovirus has spread outside of Straz now, so I’m being extra cautious making sure I’m staying on top of disinfecting things and washing my hands.”

On top of dealing with COVID-19 and norovirus, Straz has also been hit with water pipes bursting, fire alarms going off, snow inside its stairwells and elevators breaking.

Gutierrez said due to bursting water pipes, a fire alarm was set off Feb. 15 and students in Straz were evacuated into the cold weather. Later that day, the fire alarm went off a second time due to a mechanic tripping on the alarm. This led to the second evacuation for students that day, however this time, at 2 a.m.

“To say the least, it was an awful day. I had just gotten off of work and I was going to sit down and eat my dinner, (but I) ended up sitting outside in the below zero temperature for 30 minutes,” Gutierrez said in an email.

Students in Straz were unsure as to how there was a pile of snow found in the stairwell of the eighteenth floor, but Gutierrez said he believes that the pipes bursting had something to do with it.

Schomogyi said she was working as a desk receptionist during the building’s week of bad luck and although it was stressful at times, she kept the students living in Straz in her thoughts hoping that they all stay safe.

“It was a little chaotic during the week because there were so many people trying to adjust the problems right away, which is a good reaction on behalf of Marquette and Straz overall. Also just being in the loop with communication from our DR group chat was really comforting to know what was going on,” Schomogyi said.

Although it has been chaotic at Straz, the students there are looking at its notorious events with a positive attitude.

“The bad luck has honestly been funny, yet annoying,” Gleason said in an email .”We have been persevering, though.”

While Straz has seen better days, Gutierrez said he has also looked at things with a positive perspective.

“I can’t help but to laugh,” Gutierrez said in an email. “Like, it’s so unfortunate, but I just shake my head and laugh. I love Straz and all of the people, but we are all just going through it.” 

This story was written by Julia Abuzzahab. She can be reached at [email protected]

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