COVID-19 BLOG: Never thought school would be something to miss


A pool looks refreshing as it can be on a warm summer day in quarantine. Photo courtesy of Sam Arco.

As the 2020 fall semester begins, we reflect on our time during quarantine. This blog was written April 2, 2020. 

What started as a short spring break at home turned into one of the craziest experiences of my life. The coronavirus pandemic has changed my life in many ways in its short existence in the United States. It’s been about just over three weeks now since we heard about the cancellation of schools, sports, restaurants, and pretty much everything besides the essential goods. 

Everything got out of control in a matter of three to four days about three weeks ago when the coronavirus started showing up in the United States. As a huge sports fan and a sports reporter for the Marquette Wire, I was devastated when I found out all professional and collegiate sports were canceled, but I know it is the right decision if we want to stop the spread of the coronavirus.

I never would have thought there would be a time where there were no sports being played. It’s been hard to find other things to do during this time because most of my free time I’m watching some type of sports game. As a first-year sports reporter for the Marquette Wire I was devastated to learn I wouldn’t be covering any more games this year. I was covering the men’s and women’s track and field teams for Marquette and since their seasons are now done, my good friend Matt and I are writing senior features on every senior on the team to help recognize their accomplishments on and off the track.

As for my personal well-being, I’m feeling good right now and I’m surrounded by my loving family so I’m in a good spot and that’s all that matters. My parents have been working in and out from home and work, so I do get to see them a lot and I’m not home alone that often so that’s good. I also have two dogs at home that keep me company and are good to have in times like these. I’m also keeping busy with school work, but when I’m not doing any homework I’m probably watching Netflix or playing video games on my Xbox.  

I never thought I would be missing school as much as I do right now. Although I have still been communicating with a lot of my friends at Marquette through social media, I miss seeing everyone every day at the dorms, in class, and even at social activities. It’s kind of hard to wonder when I’m going to see some of my friends again, next month, this summer, or even next school year? I have so many questions right now that probably don’t have answers to them yet. I also miss getting taught new things every day by my professors to help me improve my life skills for the real world. 

While things have been tough for me and everyone else these past few weeks, I believe we must each do our own part to help curb the spread of coronavirus by isolating ourselves at home and making sure we are taking the precautionary steps to not risk others to this disease. Who knows, maybe I’ll tell my grandkids about this sometime.