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Election results released for Milwaukee primaries

Graphic by Annie Mattea

Members of the Marquette community participated in local primaries Feb. 18, voting for candidates in the Milwaukee mayoral and Wisconsin Supreme Court races, among others.

Incumbent Tom Barrett and Wisconsin Sen. Lena Taylor are both moving forward in the Milwaukee mayoral election. More than 30,000 people voted for Barrett, who received 50.01% of the vote, while more than 20,000 people voted for Taylor, who received 30.69% of the vote, according to the Milwaukee Election Commission.

Other candidates for mayor included Paul Rasky and Tony Zielinski. Rasky received 1,902 votes, which was about 3%, and Zielinski received 10,385 votes, which was about 15%.  A little more than 500 people wrote in a candidate for mayor.

For the Wisconsin Supreme Court justice race, Jill Karofsky received more than 47,000 votes, about 40%. Daniel Kelly received a little more than 44,000 votes, about 37%. Both Karofsky and Kelly will move on to the general election.

Ed Fallone, a Marquette law professor, received a little more than 25,000 votes, which was about 22%. He will not move on to the general election.

For Circuit Court Judge, Branch 5, Brett Blomme received more than 37,000 votes, about 36% of the votes. Incumbent Paul Dedinsky received more than 34,000 votes, about 33%.

Zach Whitney received more than 30,000 votes, which added up to about 29% of votes.

For county executive, Chris Larson received about 42,000 votes, which is about 36% of votes cast. David Crowley received more than 39,000 votes, which is about 34%. Larson and Crowley will continue to the general election. Theodore Lipscomb received more than 19,000 votes, about 16%. Purnima Nath received more than 14,000 votes, about 12%.

For city attorney, Tearman Spencer received more than 23,000 votes, about 39% of votes cast. Incumbent Grant Langley received more than 19,000 votes, about 32%. Spencer and Langley will continue to the general election. Vincent Bobot received more than 16,000 votes which is about 27% of votes cast.

For city comptroller, Jason Fields received more than 25,000 votes, about 42% of votes cast. Aycha Sawa received more than 17,000 votes, about 30%. Fields and Sawa will continue to the general election. Alex Brower received more than 15,000 votes which is about 25% of votes cast.

For District 4 county supervisor, Andrea Rodriguez received more than 1,800 votes, 47% of votes cast. Ryan Clancy received more than 1,600 votes, about 40% of votes cast. Rodriguez and Clancy will continue to the general election. Paul Rasky received 420 votes, about 10%.

There were 123,285 ballots casted total, of 502,017 registered voters in Milwaukee county. Turnout was about 24%.

The wards that include Marquette are wards 187, 190, 191, 192, 194, 195 and 196.

The Milwaukee Election Commission provides data regarding turnout in each ward. For Ward 187 turnout was about 20%, while 190 had about 13%, 191 about 7%, 192 about 5%, 194 under 14%, 195 just under 15%, and 196 about 11%.

The general election is April 7.

Editor’s Note: The current results are unofficial. A canvas must be conducted and results must be certified before being finalized.

This story was written by Annie Mattea. She can be reached at [email protected]

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Annie Mattea is the Managing Editor of the Marquette Tribune. She is a junior from Grayslake, Illinois and is majoring in journalism with a minor in digital media and political science. She has reported at length on the demonstration policy, COVID-19, and numerous other on campus issues.

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