GROW program offers classes for faculty, staff


Photo by Claire Gallagher

Marquette University announced Friday that its summer classes will be online only.

Every university has a team of staff and faculty that helps keep the school running. To support the efforts of their staff, Marquette is committed to facilitating the growth and development of this vital University resource.

Wendy Butler, the Director of Organizational Development said that in 2000, the Marquette Human Resources Department created the GROW Program. She said this purpose is accomplished through free classes available to all faculty and staff. 

“The GROW with Marquette Program is an employee benefit, providing staff and faculty professional, personal and spiritual growth opportunities,” according to Butler

“Marquette University is committed to the professional development of its faculty and staff. The GROW program is one important way we provide opportunities to help individuals gain new knowledge and skills related to their jobs, as well as broaden their overall view of the university,” Chris Stolarski, a university spokesperson, said.

The GROW Program is an opportunity for the faculty and staff to learn new skills that will be useful to them in their jobs and help them improve the Marquette community. 

Stolarski said classes are taught by volunteer faculty and staff matter experts.

Stolarski said the classes “give those individuals a unique opportunity to share their expertise and develop leadership and public speaking skills. Philosophically, the university believes that enriching the skills and engagement of our faculty and staff has a profound positive impact on how they serve our students.”

Butler said the program classes are available in six different categories: Marquette Topics, Professional Growth, Passport Tours, Benefits and Wellness, Media and Web Training and IT Office Training. Classes touch on a wide variety of subjects ranging from health to technology.

According to a Sept. 6 Marquette Today press release, the fall GROW classes include a safety and self-defense class and a course called “Change is Inevitable.”

Butler also said the program’s structure provides opportunities for faculty and staff to contribute as instructors.

Butler said that instructors are “internal volunteers or employees whose job responsibilities include building awareness; education and skills on specific topics; employee benefits; health and wellness; and other enrichment opportunities for staff and faculty.” The GROW program not only contributes to the growth of faculty and staff, it also utilizes and enhances the skills of Marquette community members who serve as instructors.

According to Butler, the GROW program takes place year-round with three sets of offerings per year. Courses vary each session depending on need and the availability of instructor space. There are between 25 and 30 courses per session. She said the GROW program has proven to be a successfully benefitted staff and faculty.

“Through survey data, we know that 85-100% off participants have learned something new and/or feel more engaged with the university, depending on the course they took and the course objectives,” Butler said. “Most importantly, when taking professional development, media/web training and IT office training, participants report they are able to apply the new knowledge or skills through the program directly to their job.”

According to Stolarski, Marquette is committed to the professional development of its staff. The GROW Program at Marquette University is providing the faculty an opportunity to gain new knowledge and skills related to their job. The university believes that enriching the skills and engagement of its faculty and staff has a profound positive impact on how they serve the students.