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Milwaukee’s best baked goods

Dennis Tracy
Photo by Jordan Johnson
Colectivo is one of many great spots to get baked goods off campus.

Whether it’s creampies from Comet Cafe, coffee cake from Colectivo or cupcakes from Classy Girl, everyone in Milwaukee seems to have a favorite spot to indulge his or her sweet tooth.

Madi Kec, a sophomore in the College of Communication, recommended Peter Sciortino’s Bakery as a great place to grab a bite in the city. “Peter’s is super old school and classic,” Kec said. She then added that the bakery makes various types of bread, all of which she recommends to order. The bread list includes eight different types of loaves, three of which are French, Italian and Buttercrust, as well as knot twist rolls and classic breadsticks.

For a bread fix, Peter’s extensive variety and classic vibe makes the joint a great place to go. Yet for sweeter treats, Kec had other recommendations to share.

“If I’m feeling more of a cupcake or cake vibe I’ll go to Comet Cafe,” Kec said. “Some of their desserts are even vegan.” Comet Cafe, which is a sit-down diner, sells cupcakes, cream pies and fruit pies. Speaking to the ambiance of Comet Cafe, Kec said, “Comet has indie vegans who are always a good time.”

Another place to get great sweets in Milwaukee is Classy Girl Cupcakes. As the name implies, the bakery specializes in cupcakes and has over 60 different flavors ranging from blackberry mango cheesecake to malted milkshake cheesecake.

Sarah Schlehlein, a senior in the College of Communication, is a big fan of the cupcakery. “Classy Girl Cupcakes is a really cute shop,” Schlehlein said. She then also tried a cake from Classy Girl last year, an experience she described as simply “amazing.”

Besides Classy Girl, Schlehlein recommended C. Adams Bakery in the Milwaukee Public Market for its bakery items. “Though it may get lost in the hustle and bustle of the market, it’s very popular and has great both sweet and savory items,” Schlehlein said.

Annie Dysart, a sophomore in the College of Arts & Sciences, also spoke highly about C. Adams Bakery.

“I would recommend their cupcakes,” Dysart said. “They’re delicious and big enough to share, so you can buy a few different flavors and try them with your friends.”

Dysart explained that the location of C. Adams bakery makes it an even better option. “You have tons of different options to choose from for lunch or dinner, and then you can top it off with dessert from C. Adams,” she said.

Neve Moos, a junior in the College of Communication, similarly praised eating at the Milwaukee Public Market.

“(It) has a wide variety of different baked goodies,” Moos said. “Especially if you’ve got a sweet tooth.”

In addition to the Public Market, Moos added that she enjoys the baked goods sold at coffee shop Colectivo.

“Colectivo has some bakery items that are just delicious,” Moos said. She said she also adores the overall “vibe” of the shop. “Colectivo has a sly hipster vibe that pulls you in right away.”

When asked to compare the bakery items to Sodexo’s offerings, Dysart was a fan of off-campus items over those found in dining halls.

“Although Marquette’s bakery items are pretty good, C. Adams definitely specializes in what they do and makes some great pastries,” Dysart said.

Schlehlein agreed with Dysart, yet was a little more blunt in her assessment. “Marquette bakery items do not even compare to the handmade blessings that come from a real bakery,” Schlehlein said. Her fierce declaration was echoed by Moos, who said, “The bakery items at these venues are strictly on a way different level than the bakery items provided on Marquette’s campus.”

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    MindyJan 23, 2018 at 12:50 pm

    Colectivo on Prospect always has flies in their pastry case. On many occasions, I wanted to get a sweet bite there, but I couldn’t knowing there were flies in there, in the middle of winter.