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ATTEY: ‘4Eva is a Mighty Long Time,’ breakthrough for Big K.R.I.T.

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“4eva Is a Mighty Long Time” is a pivotal project for rapper Big K.R.I.T because it represents his first release since leaving record label Def Jam Records after two disappointing studio albums. Going back to being an independent artist means that K.R.I.T. was placing a bet on himself, and the quality of this album would decide if it had paid off. Here are the top songs from the rapper’s 22-song “4eva is a Mighty Long Time.”

“Big K.R.I.T.”

As a thunderous intro to the project, K.R.I.T opens with hard raps over a banging soul sample. The drums are going crazy, and so is he.  He is taking no prisoners, and the track can’t help but set the tone for the rest of the album.


A smooth, reflective song, this one just flows naturally. K.R.I.T. remembers some of his childhood memories from Mississippi, and while this one isn’t as lyrically heavy as some of the other songs on the project, it has a relaxing, endearing tone to it.

“Aux Cord”

The song kicks off right away with a trippy, spacey beat. The artist places an emphasis on music quality with his southern twang oozing over the tremendous rhythm. Nicki Greer stands out as she belts the outro, and one cannot help but feel like they’re lost or traveling back in time. Between the great production, nice vocals from Greer and K.R.I.T. name-dropping some of his favorite oldies, this song is a strong. I keep coming back to this one.

“Mixed Messages”

Once again, the beat is crazy. When the drums really kick in and K.R.I.T. lets loose, listeners find heads bobbing to his rhythm. He reflects on the different viewpoints he’s found himself taking up over his career, and I won’t complain.

“Higher Calling”

Jill Scott really hits some high notes in the chorus. The rapper raps a love song to a woman in his life. The samples in the beat blend very well with the smooth tone of K.R.I.T.’s bars. “This is private, this a island, this is more than being worth it / This is calling when yo’ lights go out and they start back working / This is unexpected, such a blessing, had to tell you to express it / You wouldn’t feel it if I texted no emojis were selective.”

“Price of Fame”

Probably my favorite song from the whole project, the Mississippi rapper spells out the pitfalls of fame and the disappointments that come with success over a contemplative, introspective beat. There is no singing, no extended instrumentals, just bar after bar. Hip hop fans will love this song. Every line seems quotable, and the listener can’t help but sympathize with K.R.I.T. as the song goes on. This is a highlight that I’ll be coming back to, “I bought a bottle just to sooth my soul / Still crying over granny, that was some years ago / I’m a man now, I came up to hold my fam down / Can’t tell them about my depression cause most them fans now / Got to protect myself at all times / I know some partners that been sued by their bloodline / Lord forbid I let my blood down / The first time I say no, guess we ain’t blood now”.

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