New Music Monday: Lorde Fredd33


Photo courtesy of Lorde Fredd33

If someone has lived in Milwaukee long enough, he or she has most likely at least heard the name. It’s an interesting one, too. Lorde Fredd33 is a Milwaukee native, growing up on the North side of town and soaking in the culture of the city. He’s well known for his tantalizing live shows, both solo and with his collective, New Age Narcissism.

Like many, some of the first songs he heard were gospel records. After moving away from the genre to focus on hip hop, Lorde Fredd33’s new album is a homecoming of sorts.

Milwaukee rapper Lorde Fredd33 appeared on Marquette Radio’s “New Music Monday” to discuss his upcoming project and play his newest track, “Sanctified.” It is the first gospel song Lorde Fredd33 has released and the first track of his upcoming album, entitled “Norf.”