Beauty beyond the broom


Scottie has been working on Marquette’s custodial staff for almost 10 years, mostly in McCormick Hall.

Phyllis Walden, better known as “Scottie,” is a daily source of light and inspiration for the sleep-deprived students who enter McCormick Hall’s bathrooms each morning. Scottie has been working on Marquette’s custodial staff for almost ten years, mostly in McCormick Hall.

Scottie and her husband raised five children, four boys and one girl, and have eight grandchildren. She loves kids, which is why she can’t envision working anywhere else.

Scottie is a member of the community just as much as those who live in McCormick, and is known for leaving cute drawings and nice messages on the mirrors.

The messages are a topic of conversation among residents, who regularly snap pictures back and forth when new ones go up. “I hope that they cheer you up, or make you feel good about yourself, or at least let you know how wonderful I think you are,” Scottie said.


When Scottie was sick for a week, students grew concerned.

“It was noticeable when she wasn’t writing notes, the bathrooms were still getting cleaned but that was missing,” said Alana Pettus, a freshman in the College of Nursing. “It was worrisome.”

She describes her job as perfect, despite the vomit and other messes that come along with a freshman dorm bathroom. “I never dread coming to work,” she said.

Scottie believes it’s important for the students to have fun since these four years will be ones they hold onto forever.