Silent Disco Premieres on MU’s Campus


Imagine that, upon walking into the AMU ballrooms, you see people dancing and DJs spinning their tunes. But as you look around and listen, you hear no music. This may leave you wondering if you have gone deaf, or if there’s even any music coming out of the speaker. Luckily both of those assumptions would be false. What’s really happening is a silent disco.

After Late Night Program Assistant Tim Hefferon went to Milwaukee Art Museum’s After Dark Silent Disco, he knew he wanted to bring it to Marquette’s campus. Months of planning took place to help bring for the first time ever a Silent Disco to campus. However, it’s not your typical night of silent clubbing. Marquette’s DJ club will be competing for your earbud.

Every guest will receive a headset that has two channels. One channel will be one DJ and will make your headphones flash red while the other channel is a different channel, making your headphones flash blue. The color that fills the dance floor more will crown that DJ winner of the round. It will be a bracket style competition for the DJs with multiple rounds, giving you an opportunity to enjoy a variety of genres.

You can boogie on the dance floor from 9 p.m. to 1 a.m. in the AMU Ballrooms tonight. The event is free and is a part of the National Marquette weekend activities.

For this weekend, there will be a punchcard that you can receive for free at any of the events you attend. The more activities you go to, the more punches you receive on your card. This will help you be able to enter into the National Marquette Day raffle.

The number of punches will also allow you to get that number of raffle tickets for prizes at Late Night’s post-game event. Prizes include loyalty 50 meal plan, priority student housing sign up, Fresh Thyme/Metro Market gift card, personal reserved student space AMU 230 during finals week, a Jimmy Butler signed pennant, court-side Bucks tickets and more.

To redeem the raffle tickets for the punch card and to win the prizes, you must attend the Post-Game Event hosted by Late Night at the Al McGuire Center following the Marquette v. Xavier game.  The drawing will take place at 11:30pm.