Sobelmans to post a ‘no firearms’ sign


Photo by Photo by Meredith Gillespie // [email protected]

Sobelmans now has a ‘no firearms’ sign in accordance with MU policy.

Alderman Robert Bauman asked Sobelmans at Marquette to put a “no firearms” sign on the restaurant at a hearing regarding licensing renewal earlier this month.

The suggestion was in light of the shooting in June when a male in his 20s accidentally discharged a firearm outside the front doors of the restaurant.

In reference to the suggestion, Sobelmans posted on its Facebook page, “A note to guests who legally possess firearms — you will continue to be allowed to do so at Sobelmans.”

However, Sobelmans is a tenant of Marquette, which has a no weapons policy that applies to employees, students, guests, contractors and tenants.

The policy states, “Consistent with the University’s no weapons policy on campus, the University’s commercial tenants shall prohibit weapons in the leased premises to the extent permitted under 2011 Wisconsin Act 35 and post ‘Weapons are prohibited in this building’ or equivalent signs at the entrance to the leased premises.”

Owner Dave Sobelman said he agreed to post the sign because the university asked him.

“We are happy that Sobelmans has re-opened, as they have been a great partner with Marquette University for many years,” University spokesman Chris Jenkins said.  “Marquette officials have had many conversations with Dave Sobelman and he has expressed his wish to put this issue behind him.”

When it re-opened, Sobelmans promised to donate $1 for every burger and sandwich sold to a charitable organization affiliated with the university.  Thus far, they have raised $2,544.

Sobelman noted that sales were not as high as he would have liked. He said he believes it may be related to the Marquette location not having a liquor license.