Up-and-coming bands to play at MUSG’s Unplugged BBQ

The Lonely Biscuits from Nashville are one of MUSG's first guest musical acts of the year. Photo via Facebook.
The Lonely Biscuits from Nashville are one of MUSG’s first guest musical acts of the year. Photo via Facebook.

As a part of Marquette’s Mania Week, MUSG will host its Unplugged BBQ Friday, August 29. While the student body enjoys walking tacos and mini corn dogs, bands Hollow + Akimbo and The Lonely Biscuits will perform from 5 – 8 p.m.

Hollow + Akimbo

Hometown: Ann Arbor, Michigan

Names: Brian Konicek, Jon Visger and Michael Higgins

Five Things to Know:

  1. Brian and Jon have known each other since childhood.
  2. The name explains the group’s music. “Hollow” describes its introspective lyrics and dreamy, ambient sounds, while “akimbo” is meant to show the harder edge, post-punk sound and harder drum beats.
  3. “Singularity” was their favorite song to record.
  4. “Hollow + Akimbo” was their first full-length album with the addition of Michael Higgins, the drummer.
  5. They described their music as experimental pop.

The musicians of Hollow + Akimbo knew exactly what they wanted when they recorded their self-tilted album. “We had a clear vision of our sound,” Visger, one-third of the pop trio, said. “We wanted dreamy, ambient sounds with harder drum beats.” The album delivers what they envisioned; it will not sit alongside mainstream pop, but will be enjoyed by the same audience. The trio will deliver a great experience for Marquette’s students and will leave with hundreds of new fans.

To prep for the concert, check out the group’s songs “Singularity,” “The One Who Has to Carry You Home” and “Molecule.”


The Lonely Biscuits

Hometown: Nashville, Tennessee

Names: Grady “Gravy” Wenrich, Sam Gidley, John Paterini and Nick Byrd

Five Things to Know:

  1. The band members met as random roommates in their dorm freshman year.
  2. They won a MTV Woody Award in 2013.
  3. Their favorite song they recorded is “Butter.”
  4. They are full-time students at Belmont University in their senior year, some even balancing 18 credits.
  5. They describe their sound as a mix of rock, soul, folk and hip-hop.

The Lonely Biscuits is the definition of a Cinderella story. The four were placed as random roommates and neighbors at Belmont University in Nashville. Once they started playing together, they knew they had struck something special and started The Lonely Biscuits. “Our music is constantly changing. We’ve recently been influenced by hip-hop and indie genres, but our base is rock, soul, and folk,” Wenrich, a vocalist and guitarist, said.

To understand this eclectic group, listen to “Chasin’ Echoes,” “Butter” and “Sauced.”