MTV’s Real World: Ex-plosion


This past season of the Real World was unlike any other. After 28 seasons of the hit reality show, creators decided that it was time for a change. The show’s success always depends on the cast and there were definitely some characters this season. The looks on the cast member’s faces were priceless when the big surprise that a few of their exes would be living in the house with them was revealed.

The original cast was getting along pretty well, except for one annoying roommate. Ashley eventually moved out because the rest of the roommates couldn’t handle her antics whenever she drank. Once Ashley left, there didn’t seem to be any looming issues between the rest of the cast. MTV couldn’t let that happen and decided to shake things up. The roommates went on a nice relaxing weekend getaway and were in for quite a shock when they returned. Out of the six remaining roommates, five of their exes were standing in the house.

Some were excited to see their exes while others were mortified. This was one way to shake up the dynamic of the house. A few of the original cast members had gotten into relationships with one another and, to make things awkward, MTV pulled their exes into the mix. And just what you thought would happen, did happen.

There were fights, jealousy issues and even a pregnancy – one of the exes realized she had gotten pregnant before appearing on the show. The tension even caused one ex to go home because she couldn’t handle seeing her ex-boyfriend with his new girlfriend.

While some cast members had a really hard time living with their exes, others reconnected. Two cast members reconciled with their exes and left the house with a stronger relationship than they had before the show.

This was definitely a different concept for the traditional MTV reality show, which made it the most watched season in the past three years. MTV has learned that more drama results in more viewers. If you watched this season of the Real World, what did you think of it? If not, you can watch the whole season here.

To see where the roommates are now, the reunion show aired this past Wednesday. Check it out!