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‘Downton Abbey’ Season 4, Episode 6

Downton Abbey airs Sundays at 8pm on PBS.

Caution: contains spoilers.

This week’s episode immediately got viewers hooked as Lord Grantham was suddenly summoned to America to aid his brother-in-law. As to what important and dire news Cora’s brother has in store for us is still up in the air.

It is when Lord Grantham packs to jump across the pond that Lady Mary discovers the truth behind Anna’s distant behavior towards her and Bates. Mary convinces her father to take Thomas along as his valet instead of Bates, so that he can stay with Anna.

Although Anna tells Mary that it is a relief that she finally knows what has been troubling her, she insists that Mary keep her attack a secret and to never speak of it.

Meanwhile Lady Edith, accompanied by Rose, take a trip to London. While Edith remains conflicted about her pregnancy, Rose meets up with Mr. Ross for a romantic date along with river, or as she told her aunt, “running errands.”

Despite her fear of rejection, Edith can no longer keep the baby a secret and informs her aunt Rosamund about her decision to get an abortion. Surprisingly, her aunt is supportive of Edith and listens to her without judgment. After much deliberation, Rosamund agrees to accompany Edith.

However, shortly after they arrive to the doctor’s house, Edith decides to keep the baby. Keep in mind that abortions were illegal at the time, so it’s not like she could openly go to the clinic.

How she plans to have the baby and keep the baby a secret from her family is beyond me. Eventually she will have to tell her parents the truth, and hopefully they will be as kind and understanding as Rosamund.

In the midst of the drama poor granny falls ill soon after Lord Grantham departs. I almost thought they were going to kill Maggie Smith’s character off the show, but with the help and relentless dedication from cousin Isobel, granny recovered from her sickness.

When Alfred comes to visit, World War III (more like WWII for the folks at Downton, since WWII has not happened for them yet) breaks out between Daisy and Ivy. Daisy still resents Ivy for leading Alfred on, and Ivy is starting to warm up to Alfred after a horrible date with Jimmy.

Carson, Mrs. Hughes and Mrs. Patmore try to avoid an all out war in the kitchen by giving Alfred a room at a local pub. Yet, it doesn’t stop him from wandering back to Downton to say hello to his friends. Love is a battlefield.

Why, all of a sudden, are there dozens of gentlemen interested in Lady Mary? Especially Mr. Gillingham, who just happened to get married a couple episodes back. As much as I admire Lady Mary, I fear that these men don’t love her, but rather, love her money. Since Matthew’s death, Mary has inherited a fortune and has quite a bit of power over Downton. A power I’m sure these suitors would like to get their hands on.

Yet, as shocking as it was to find out that Lord Grantham is sailing to the States for a reason that is not known to us and Edith is not getting an abortion, the biggest shocker of all is the return of Mr. Green.

I cannot even begin to imagine how Anna must be feeling. It’s one thing to be a survivor of sexual abuse, but it’s another to have to run into her rapist and pretend like everything is normal.

To make me, and I’m sure other fans, more irritated with Mr. Green, he blames his actions on Anna. He has the nerve to tell Mrs. Hughes that she was intoxicated and to not own up to his behavior.

It was after watching that scene between him and Mrs. Hughes that I would not mind if Bates had his way with him.

And speaking of Bates, how will he handle Mr. Green’s presence at Downton? Will he have his revenge? And if he does, will he be sent back to prison?

So many questions and not enough answers. With the season four coming to an end soon, hopefully we will not have to wait too terribly long to learn what will happen to these beloved characters.


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