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‘Downton Abbey’ Season 4, Episode 7

Downton Abbey airs Sundays at 8pm on PBS.

Last week a horrible, awful and most horrendous act was committed against me. I found out the ending of season four before I could finish the season for myself (insert astonished gasps and cries of outrage).

It is my absolute pet peeve when a television show is spoiled for me, but in the defense of the person who gave it away, I did not make it crystal clear that I hadn’t finished the season completely. And I was the one who brought up with subject of “Downton” So, if you are reading this, you know who you are, you know what you did and I (sort of) forgive you.

However, don’t worry. I will not give away any of the juicy details just yet. I know the feeling of having a surprise ruined, and would not inflict this pain upon any of my fellow “Downton” fans. Therefore, I will jump right into the details of this week’s episode.

I can’t believe it is already episode seven. That means I only have one more week until the train leaves Downton Abbey. Based off the drama that was displayed in this week’s story, I know (literally, I know) season four is going to leave fans hungry for more.

It begins with Aunt Rosamund concocting a devious plan for an “extensive trip” with Edith to Switzerland, in order to practice her French. While Lady Grantham smiles sweetly, the news of their exotic nine month vacation flies over her head, but leave it to Granny to know what’s really up.

Eventually, Granny gets the truth from Edith about the pregnancy and is surprisingly supportive of Edith. I was shocked that Edith has received kind treatment from her family seeing as how they treated and reacted towards Ethel.

Ray Romano needs to move over, because everyone seems to love Mary. She does not have one, but three potential suitors that are fighting for her hand, heart and attention. Not to sound bias, but I hope that Lady Mary chooses Charles.

I just admire the way he brings out Mary’s resourcefulness and reminds me of the evolution of Mary’s character from the rich cold-hearted Mary she was in seasons one and two. Now, she is the Mary who will wrestle in the mud in full evening gown attire to save the farm’s pigs, and take charge of managing the estate. More importantly, she is becoming the Mary that she used to be when she was with Mathew: happy.

Speaking of love, Rose leaks the secret to Lady Mary that she and Mr. Ross are engaged to be married. As happy as Rose seems to be about her new fiancé, she is rushing into marriage for the wrong reason.

After spilling the beans to Mary about Jack, Mary reacts in the way we all expected. She doesn’t approve. It is when Rose is faced with Mary’s response that she tells her that she wants to marry Mr. Ross so she can see the look of utter disgust on her mother’s face. Sticking it to your mother does not exactly seem like the best reason to spend the rest of your life with someone.

Despite his dire love for Rose, Mr. Ross realizes the hardships they would face as an interracial couple in a world rooted in segregation. Ultimately,  Jack  decides to break up with Rose in order to spare her.

But Rose isn’t the only member of the Downton household that faced rejection. Alfred returns after attending his father’s funeral in hopes of marrying Ivy and taking her back to London. However, his picture perfect plan falls short when Ivy rejects his offer.

Although, if we were to look on the sunny side, at least Daisy and Alfred finally make peace and decide to part as friends. For a second I thought Alfred was going to make a pass at Daisy, seeing as she used to be madly in love with him a couple episodes back and he just got denied by Ivy. Alas, she tells him that she doesn’t have feelings for him and he leaves. Like Mrs. Patmore, I was also proud of Daisy for not going after Alfred.

With the safe arrival of Lord Grantham, it means my mother and I were wrong in predicting that the ship his lordship was on did not sink. Thomas was hoping to get the latest low down on all things Downton when he returned from Baxter, but it seems that she has switched sides and formed a flirtatious alliance with Mosley. I wonder if they will make a love connection?

Although episode seven was engaging throughout the entire length, the biggest shocker was the news of Mr. Green’s sudden and mysterious death. Is it a coincident that Mr. Green takes a little tumble into the road the same day Bates decides to take the day off? Or is it even more strange that Mr. Green’s death takes place the same time Anna is in London?

You tell me.

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