PLAYLIST OF THE WEEK: Songs for broke college kids

Listen to these songs as you sweep up ramen bits from your dingy apartment floor and dream of the day your choice of bar is not dependent on dollar beer night, your clothes have come nowhere near a Goodwill and you might even shop at the “fancy” grocery store.


“I’m Broke” – Black Joe Lewis & the Honeybears


“Career Opportunity”- The Clash

Yes, we want a job. But we don’t want to work for the man, man.


 “Money”- The Drums

The story of every college kid Christmas. “I want to buy you something, but I don’t have any money.” Will you accept this drawing of a cat?


“Rag and Bone” – The White Stripes

This wonderful White Stripes rant is just like when you go down into your aunt’s basement looking for anything free you can find. You don’t want this toilet plunger? I’ll take it!


“Mo Money Mo Problems” -Notorious B.I.G.

But who needs money anyway? According to this ’90s anthem’s video it just causes you to wear shiny jumpsuits in an air tunnel while fireworks go off. Who wants that? (Still us.)