Campus construction to slow down

After a whirlwind of construction projects over the last four years that included a new law school, engineering building, administrative offices and an expansion of the dental school, Marquette may be slowing down.

“We’re in a period where, as the university’s strategic plan is being written, it’s hard to plan five years ahead,” said Tom Ganey, the university architect.

When finished, the plan “will provide a blueprint to guide the university’s priorities and decision-making for the next five to seven years,” according to the university’s strategic planning website. The plan is slated to reach the university board of trustees in May 2013. Until it reaches completion, Ganey said the university will wait to finalize any new plans for construction.

“Father Pilarz has only been here a year and behind everything there is an orderly planning process,” Ganey said. “Deans, students, administrators all have dreams, but we have to establish a procedural plan and move forward from there.”

According to preliminary feedback from the Strategic Planning Listening Sessions from the spring on the university’s website, one of the posed challenges included infrastructure, as the “current budget system does not allow saving over multiple years for replacement of equipment.”

Future plans will also likely highlight “aging buildings, particularly Wehr Science and Coughlin Hall,” according to the site.

Marquette Hall, Johnston Hall and Sensenbrenner Hall are currently undergoing renovations to ensure that they remain historic campus landmarks.

“The three buildings are historic Marquette structures that we believe will be with the university for years to come,” Ganey said. “Their heating, ventilating, data networks and plumbing are all at the end of their life cycles, and we had an opportunity with the financial rates so low.”