New Found Glory’s seventh album loyal to group’s pop punk roots

If you are looking for something to listen to after a break up, turn your iPods to New Found Glory’s “Radiosurgery.” Released Oct. 4, this is their seventh album since we first heard from them in 1997, and it stays true to the band’s pop punk roots.

Photo via Epitaph.

NFG defines their album title with this simple explanation: “Radiosurgery is a medical procedure that allows non-invasive treatment used to target unwanted memories in the brain. It is a relatively recent technique, which has been shown to be beneficial for the treatment of past regrets and lost love.”

The album kicks off with a title track which parallels a romantic relationship to the medical procedure.  “I’ve broken down, I’m a nervous wreck/My heart is beating right out of my chest/I can’t get your face out of my head.” It is a three-minute description of their “symptoms” and the medical solution to it all.

The album takes listeners through the journey of this relationship, starting with the beginning to the end of a relationship. It then continues through the breakup itself and ends with songs longing for the person lost in the breakup. Overall, NFG has remained true to their iconic high-energy sounds and catchy lyrics that seem to play over and over in your head.

“Anthem For The Unwanted” is filled with heart-wrenching cries of “What did you say as I walked out the door?/Did you want me want me back?/Did you want me?” multiple times throughout the song. “Ready, Aim, Fire!” has a more classic pop punk sound to it that is a welcome throwback to the band’s earlier works.

NFG is promoting “Radiosurgery” with the “Pop Punk’s Not Dead” tour, along with Set Your Goals, The Wonder Years, Man Overboard and This Time Next Year. The tour runs through November 20 with 37 shows spanning 24 states.

NFG has somehow managed to make breakups and heartaches sound ironically appealing. They have stayed true to their punk roots without sounding old or outdated.

By Jennifer Harpham

Special to the Tribune