Haggerty museum welcomes three new donations

The Haggerty Museum of Art can occasionally be overlooked, tucked away within the academic buildings surrounding it, but it’ll be a lot harder to forget now that it’s worth an extra million.

The equity boost comes from the recently announced acquisition of three new collections over the past year, consisting of 135 pieces of photography and contemporary art. Works by New York street photographer Frank Paulin and pop artists Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein are among those included.

The works come from three separate donations, one of which was made by an anonymous collector from Los Angeles. Eighty of the contemporary art pieces were donated by Marquette alumni Michael and Mary Tatalovich, while the Paulin photos were donated by Bruce Silverstein Gallery in New York.

Willy Mason, director of the Haggerty, described the new donations as a step in the right direction for the museum.

“The museum is beginning to focus its collection towards collecting works on paper (which includes printmaking, drawing and photography) so this gift is a huge push forward in that initiative,” Mason said in an e-mail.

Some of the donations are already being showcased at the museum, and they will likely incorporate others in the future. Mason said the museum plans to create a featured exhibition consisting of the donations from the Tataloviches, tentatively scheduled for summer 2012.

Other artists included in the donations are Kiki Smith, Ellsworth Kelly, Robert Rauschenberg, Jasper Johns and Donald Judd.