Guide to gameday

Pre-game preparation: Whether it be in a dorm, an apartment or a house on campus, preparing for the game can be the most important part of gameday. Fans should start by printing their tickets in advance to avoid the hassle before rushing out the door. Then it’s time to throw on the gold shirt or favorite Marquette jersey, apply face paint (for all those dedicated diehards), and watch as many YouTube videos on Marquette basketball as possible to get in the gameday mood. Blasting ACDC’s “Thunderstruck” from your speakers is optional, but a great way to get the blue and gold blood flowing through your veins.

Photo courtesy of Marquette Images

Waiting in line: Because of general admission seating in the student section, arriving early to the Bradley Center is a must if you want a seat in the lower bowl. Generally, students arrive 45 minutes to an hour before the game to get good seats, but bigger games mean bigger crowds, so plan accordingly. When Bucky Badger comes to town, be prepared to bust out the tents the night before. While in line, coach Buzz Williams frequently passes by to shake hands with the Marquette faithful and is more than willing to take photos if time is available.

Run like hell: If there’s one event that comes close to the excitement of the game itself, it’s the time when the doors open and students are allowed inside the Bradley Center. What was once an orderly fashioned queue quickly turns into a frantic free-for-all as students sprint up the main concourse stairs in hopes of finding the best seat in the house. If someone in your party falls behind, do not wait for them, as it can be the difference between sitting in row five and moving to the dreaded upper bowl. Saving seats is allowed, so your friend can meet up at a later time.

Shout until your lungs burst: After you’ve caught your breath from the mad dash to your seat, it’s time to learn the pre-game chants done by the student section. “Ring Out Ahoya” is the first one you’ll want to learn, as the school fight song is chanted when the team runs out for its pre-game warm-up and then again before introductions. “Hail Alma Mater,” Marquette’s anthem, is sung before the national anthem. Throw your arms around the person next to you and pay tribute to Marquette, just minutes before tip-off. Once the lights dim and U2’s “Where the Streets Have No Name” comes on, it’s game time. Just remember, be sure to make your presence felt. You are not too cool to jump and shout.

Photo courtesy of Marquette Images

Celebrating a win: With one of the most talented and athletic groups in recent memory, the 2010 Golden Eagles should be in line for another successful season under Williams. Hopefully, the final step to your gameday activities comes in the form of celebrating a Marquette win. The team went 13-4 at the Bradley Center a year ago, and with 18 games scheduled at home this season, odds are you’ll have plenty of time to celebrate.