Sideshow: Iverson: Parent of the Year

Today’s Sideshow is slightly different. There’s not much humor about this subject. Some of you are saying, “Oh, I didn’t realize these were supposed to be funny.” And that’s why I cry myself to sleep at night.

Allen Iverson is no stranger to controversy, but for me, this one tops them all. Iverson and the Philadelphia 76ers recently parted ways, ending his contract so he could take care of his four-year-old daughter in Atlanta, who is stricken with an undisclosed illness. Well, that’s understandable. What parent could be away from his seriously sick child?

Iverson is so concerned about it, over the weekend he threw a party at a Charlotte nightclub with rapper Jermaine Dupri.

I have no jokes about this, except that Iverson needs some PRACTICE in good parenting. Ugh. This makes me sick.

Listen, Allen, do what you want, but don’t use your child as an excuse because you don’t want to play basketball anymore — your priorities and motivations are clearly elsewhere.