DPS Reports 2/25

Feb. 22

At 7:24 p.m., officers reported to McCormick Hall after receiving a call from hall staff about a student reported to be in possession of alcohol and a hunting knife. Hall staff received an anonymous tip about the male student. DPS accompanied hall staff to the student’s room and officers discovered the contraband. The male student was notified that possession of the knife was against university rules and the student surrendered the knife to DPS officers. Hall staff disposed of the alcohol.

Feb. 24

At 4:24 a.m., officers were sent to Open Pantry at 1624 W. Wells St. The store clerk said she observed surveillance camera footage that showed a suspect taking items from a shelf and placing them in his coat pocket. Officers caught up with the suspect when he exited the store’s restroom. When confronted, the suspect denied stealing anything, but he eventually produced items from several coat pockets valued at $21. The Milwaukee Police Department was contacted and the suspect was cited for retail theft.