Marquette Wire

HUGHES: Worthy praise for Marquette’s community service initiatives, but what next?

September 24, 2015

Could Marquette do a better job of limiting wasted food and increasing food sustainability? A student explores.

Fischer: Faithful visionary

Kelsey Massey

October 7, 2010

Lin Fischer, who was named the new executive director of St. Vincent de Paul Society of Milwaukee in August, plans to spread the word out to the community about what they have to offer through an increased public relations presence in Mi...

Marquette ranks 11th nationally in service

Kelsey Massey

September 21, 2010

Everyone knows Marquette’s tenets of faith, excellence, leadership and service. But this past week, one pillar stood taller than the rest. Newsweek, with Washington Monthly, ranked Marquette number 11 in its top 25 most service-minded schools in the U.S. Rhodes Coll...

RedLine offers outlet for Milwaukee artists

Erica Breunlin

February 11, 2010

Milwaukee’s art collection extends very little beyond the wings of its beloved Milwaukee Art Museum. In truth, the city’s canvas has never been all that colorful. Until now. Milwaukee artists Lori Bauman and Steve Vande Za...