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OLIVER: Baseball, America’s pastime, is more than just a game

Eric Oliver

October 31, 2013

The Green Monster, Joe DiMaggio’s 56 game hitting streak, the great homerun battle between Sosa and McGuire and, at least for me, the 2005 World Series. These are the things that make baseball the greatest game ever played and why it will always be America’s p...

WHITE: Beverage consumers, beware

Kelly White

April 17, 2012

Who doesn’t love a good tailgate? Brats, bags, beers. The afternoon of champions, regardless of how the team does, right? As baseball season gets into full swing, so too does the season of great tailgating. And what a spot Miller Park provides: s...

KELLY: Wrong colors at Miller Park

Jack Kelly

April 13, 2010

On Friday night, I donned my St. Louis cap and red Cardinals jersey, and took my seat in the hostile territory that is the Miller Park upper deck to watch my birds battle the Brewers. I’d been to Miller Park before, but this...

Sideshow: Offerman almost accosts official TKO1 ES2 JMc3

Eric Grover

January 21, 2010

Coping with some anger issues is ex-major league ballplayer Jose Offerman, who until very recently was managing for the Licey Tigers, a Dominican winter league baseball team. It was during last Saturday’s game when Offerman...

Sports Sideshow: Miguel messes up

Eric Grover

October 8, 2009

On Oct. 1, the Detroit Tigers held a three-game lead over the Minnesota Twins in the AL Central division with just four games left to play. They had led the division virtually the entire year and seemed primed to coast into the ...