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The student news site of Marquette University

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Both sides guilty of neglect, not facing real issue

Nicholas Zettel November 4, 2003
Individual rights mean nothing without legitimate conversation pertaining to what the underlying assumptions and positions are. There exists a deeper process. Instead of, "Who gets what right?" ask "What does my position assume and why?" The other side...

MU must prohibit Planned Parenthood

Thomas Jensen November 4, 2003
First of all, Planned Parenthood is not truly for sexual health or responsible decisions. Birth control is designed to make sexual organs function abnormally, which is a strange concept for health care. This is the reason why there are so many risks to...

Democrats mourn prosperity

Brian Collar November 4, 2003
House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi pouted, "Bush has the worst record on job creation since Herbert Hoover" and "Mr. President, where are the jobs?" If Pelosi's staff supplied their boss with better news clippings, she might have been informed that last...

Debate on life issues vexes students

Vinnie Bergl November 4, 2003
First of all, absolute freedom for each and every individual in a society is a fundamental impossibility. It always has been and always will be. It is a fact of human nature that individuals have desires upon which they cannot freely act without impeding...

Party plagued by leadership lapses, bungling

Bob Mate November 4, 2003
First, most Democrats believe only a heroic leader can save them — another FDR or JFK. But look at successful Republican leaders. Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich was more like Henry VIII (see Gingrich's first divorce) than FDR. Former...

Right retaliates against charges of two-facedness

Marianne Gosz October 30, 2003
Terry Schiavo has been in a coma for 13 years. After several court battles, a judge granted her husband the right to remove her feeding tube so she could die a natural death. However, Schiavo's parents believed that she was somewhat responsive and pleaded...

Complaints about MU compel chagrin

[email protected] October 30, 2003
I am aware that I come off as angry, and the fact is I am. I am so sick and tired of people complaining about the administration or class size or the weather or that books are too expensive. No one forced you to come here; no one is forcing you to stay....

Pop ups proscribed by peachy programs

[email protected] October 30, 2003

Liebsch is a second-year law student.

Student chastises

[email protected] October 30, 2003
It is not the policy toward plagiarism or the result of such an offense that bothers me. Rather, I was very disturbed by the reaction of the student body toward the incident involving former Tribune associate sports editor Sarah Sherman. Before I say...

Trimble tramples peace

[email protected] October 30, 2003
Trimble has turned the Irish peace process into a farce with his tactics of finding pretext upon pretext for not allowing the process to proceed. It is time that the British and Irish governments take measures to see to it that this wielder of...

Actor portrays respect

[email protected] October 28, 2003
Even when the school year ends, there is no rest for my brother. He has football camp every summer, which takes place five days a week and lasts up to up to eight hours a day (depending on whether he's in doubles). Knowing how challenging and time...

‘Geek’ wires up ITS appreciation

[email protected] October 28, 2003
What many people don't realize is that system administrators are cursed. They work their tails off to ensure that everything works flawlessly, and when it does no one notices that it does. Instead, it is when things break (usually because of a user) that...
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