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A full capacity crowd of 65,000 people came out to the district for game six of the NBA Finals to watch the Bucks win the championship title.

The Deer District

Jackson Gross, Assistant Sports Editor September 10, 2021
After COVID-19 restrictions were lifted across the city June 1, the Deer District reopened along with the rest of Milwaukee.
According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation and WorldAtlas, Milwaukee has become the sixth most dangerous city in the United States.

Safety at night

Julia Abuzzahab, Assistant News Editor September 10, 2021
Being in the heart of Milwaukee, Marquette University experiences threats of crime related activity, especially at night.

Night Zine Playlist

Reese Seberg, General Manager of Marquette Radio September 5, 2021

While some people prefer daytime activities, others thrive at night. Nighttime can be great for going out to dinner, watching the stars or experiencing the city in a new way. A playlist for your after-dark...

Hidden Gems in Milwaukee

Nora McCaughey, Copy Chief September 5, 2021
Here are a few underrated places to visit and things to try around Milwaukee, once the blazing sun has finally let the city cool down. 

Pulling an all-nighter

Randi Haseman, Executive Arts & Entertainment Editor September 5, 2021

Milwaukee's charm doesn't end once the sun goes down. It can be easy to pull an all-nighter in a city where there are countless activities to entertain you and some friends after dark. 8:00 p.m. - Sunset...

Day Zine Playlist

Reese Seberg, General Manager of Marquette Radio August 18, 2021
In coordination with the publication of the Marquette Zine: Day, MUR has crafted the ultimate, easy-listening playlist.
The world will be in utter chaos, yet in utter stillness at the same time.

BLOG: A letter to my past self

Jaiden Schueller, Contributing Writer August 8, 2021
As I write a letter to my past self from just two years ago, my biggest piece of advice: Do not let this time be wasted. Every breath you inhale during this time is still a sign of life.
Milwaukees newer Taco Fest will host live music, wrestling, a chili pepper eating contest and a chihuahua beauty pageant.

Milwaukee festivals begin to return

Nora McCaughey, Copy Chief August 8, 2021
While last summer was a bit underwhelming, the city is ready to get back to what it does best. Here are some Milwaukee festivals coming back in 2021.
Bradford Beach is located in the center of Lincoln Memorial Drive, conveniently four miles away from campus.

A summer day in the life

Randi Haseman, Executive A&E Editor August 8, 2021
Here are some ideas for a fun-filled day in the city, from sunrise to sunset.

Letter from the Editor

Skyler Chun, Managing Editor of the Marquette Journal August 8, 2021

Dear Readers, I have always enjoyed watching the sunrise and sunset. Some of my favorite memories include driving out to the beach at the break of dawn to see the first sunrise of the year, or sitting...

Get a sense of the outdoors at Mitchell Part Horticultural Conservatory, located at 524 S. Layton Boulevard.

Outdoor Activities

Bailey Striepling, News Reporter August 8, 2021
Here are a few outdoor activities to cross off your bucket list this summer.
As we try to move forward and away from the pandemic, we should also strive for connection and community.

GARNER: Being mindful as we move forward

Alexandra Garner, Executive Opinions Editor August 8, 2021
While we may be eager to return to normalcy, it is important to be mindful of how the COVID-19 pandemic will shape our future. 
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