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Authors hit town for book festival

Lydia Cox October 23, 2003

~Lydia Cox

Royal feast of extras elevate Disney’s classic ‘King’

Lydia Cox October 23, 2003
The story is also kept fairly simple, with traces of all kinds of familiar works involved. Start with the "Hamlet" element of Simba's Uncle Scar scheming to take the throne by any means necessary to the "Bambi" side of losing a parent at a young age to...

Eastwood finds directing touch in ‘River’

[email protected] October 23, 2003
"Mystic River" starts out strong and never lets up. It plays almost like a reverse murder mystery — it seems clear in the beginning who is guilty of the death of Jimmy's daughter, but Eastwood winds the plot so tightly and through so many twists and...

Local haunts

[email protected] October 23, 2003
Though Halloween is still a week away, various places around the city are offering the opportunity to get a head start on Halloween celebrations. This weekend, Milwaukee will be alive with people getting a jump on celebrating the holiday of scares, and...

Horror redux cuts bloody new path

Todd Lazarski October 23, 2003
It's been done, quite literally, to death. Yet with his first full-length motion picture, Marcus Nispel is out to prove that his improvised and improved take on an old formula can still scare audiences witless.
And this time, it works.
Nispel's remake...

Earle espouses views on live CD

Dave Rossetti October 23, 2003
So far left politically that Earle calls himself a borderline Marxist, the Texas-born musician most recently drew the wrath of the political right with the release of last year's "John Walker's Blues." At a time when the so-called American Taliban was...

Texas tale captures teen-age tragedy

Tim Lowery October 23, 2003
Fifteen-year-old Vernon Little, a panty-obsessed, beer-guzzling antisocial, is caught in a serious predicament — his close friend, Jesus, having just shot and killed 16 of his classmates before turning the gun on himself. Starving for answers, the...

Junk wars

October 23, 2003
In response to the Haggerty Museum of Art's exhibition Agnes Denes: Projects for Public Spaces, students from selected Milwaukee school districts and local social justice organizations will create large-scale sculptures from discarded materials collected...

Three of a kind

Kevin Crowe October 14, 2003
Agosin and her family moved to the United States shortly before a military coup spawned Augusto Pinochet's bloody dictatorship in Chile. She remained one of the most outspoken voices against Pinochet in the United States and Latin America.
Her poetry,...

Simon’s show shines

Libby Fry October 14, 2003
The play tells the story of Willie Clark (Jim Baker), a crotchety old man who lives in a cheap hotel suite in New York City. Although he was once a star in the lights of vaudeville — and he still converses in snappy one-liners — his star has...

Environmental projects displayed at Haggerty Museum

[email protected] October 14, 2003
The thing that serves as her canvas is also the thing she wants people to learn more about through her art — the environment.
Beginning Oct.16, representations of Agnes Denes' work will be on display at the Haggerty Museum of Art in "Agnes Denes:...

Fulks finds inspiration in King of Pop, posers

Dave Rossetti October 14, 2003
How can anyone say no to that?
Though he hasn't released an album since 2001's Couples In Trouble, an album that stretches the boundaries of the alt-country tag with quirky honky-tonks, energetic rockers and even a Celtic-sounding folk tune, don't bet...
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