Marquette Confessions

Confession: I am addicted to reading all of the “Marquette Confessions” posts.

If you haven’t already heard about it, search the group “Marquette Confessions” on Facebook. It’s a place where people anonymously post confessions. They range from romantic to hilarious to downright nasty. Here’s some of my favorites:

#135: I am a LIMO driver. The amount of thongs, ass cracks, crotch shots I see on the weekends is unbelievable. And a majority go back to Cobeen….

#130: Sometimes I pray longer after mass just to walk out with the cute girl that prays forever.

#91: Developed a huge crush on a guy I met in my building. We have all the same interests, same major, and just hit it off really well. Naturally, he’s now trying to ask my roommate out instead.

#85: I brought the bat into the Bradley Center

#47: My roommate and I kept a cat in our residence hall for an entire semester. No one ever found out.

And my absolute personal favorite which has received 658 “likes” to date :

#116: I hope the checkout lady in Schroeder wins the lottery because she deserves it

Check it out and maybe get a couple of things of your chest (anonymously, of course)!