February Blues

Remember how I posted a list a couple of weeks ago with all of the reasons why college is so much better than high school? Well, today I realized one of the reasons why college is worse than high school.

The lack of snow days.

Sure, we only have to walk a couple of blocks to get to class, but my real concern is for the teachers. Is it really fair to make them drive in these horrendous conditions when their own children have no class because MPS shut down school? And what about those commuters? Don’t forget about the commuters!

I know I sound irrational (feel free to point out a time when I don’t sound that way), but an extra day to start studying for those impending midterms would really do us students some good.

So of course the only logical thing to do since we didn’t get a snow day is to start studying for midterms since that is what we would have done even if we got a snow day, right?

Wrong! I just spent the past half hour googling pretty pictures of Marquette’s snowy campus to share with you all.




Happy almost-end-of-Winter!