5 Basic Tips for Losing Weight

5 Basic Tips for Losing Weight

The struggle to lose weight seems never-ending for many. It seems so simple, right? Exercise, eat healthy and lose the weight in no time! How hard could that be? Harder than one would think actually. You have to be determined and in the right mindset. I have listed the basics to get down before stepping on that scale.


1. Water, water, and more water- Did I stress the importance of water enough? Besides being a no calorie drink, many studies show that drinking a cold glass before a meal helps you to eat less. On top of that, water is a great way to cleanse the body and even clear up skin. It’s basically a miracle drink, so why choose not to drink it? Next time you crave some Pepsi, opt out for a nice tall glass of water instead.

2. Eat some chocolate- Yep, you read that right. It’s okay to eat some chocolate. Now, don’t go stir crazy and eat a king’s size Hersey’s bar thinking you’ll drop five pounds. Rather, snack on 1 or 2 Hershey’s kisses or Dove chocolate candies. It’s all about moderation. Studies have shown that dark chocolate is the best of the chocolates and eating some after breakfast can help in losing weight.

3. Set a Realistic Goal- Would I kill to have the body of supermodel Miranda Kerr? You bet I would! Who wouldn’t? But it’s a little far-fetched considering I’m only 5’4. It’s important to set reachable goals so you don’t become discouraged and give up. Not everyone can be a size 0, but that is perfectly okay. You have to choose a weight you are happy with and stick with it. It can even be something as simple as, “I want to lose 1 pound each week”.

4. Ignore the scale- What will stepping on that thing every morning do? There are so many different factors that go into weight that a scale won’t always be accurate. For example, you could feel great after a few weeks of exercising and you step on the scale and find you put on weight. In actuality, you probably just gained muscle, which weighs more than fat. As my mom says, “Judge by the fit of your jeans, not what the scale reads”. And if the number on the scale bothers you that much, just remember that the weight of the human head weighs 8 pounds, so go ahead and subtract away!

5. Take a Cheat Day- Don’t think just because you’re trying to lose weight that you can’t enjoy the yummy things. I’m telling you, surviving on fruits and veggies alone won’t last very long. It’s important to have a break in order to stay sane. Set up something like, “I’ll have 2 cookies after class” or “Sundays will be my cheat days”. Depriving one’s self will only lead to failure. Also, it is important to note that skipping meals will only cause you to eat more.

Keep these tips in mind and you’ll be well on your way to a healthier, happier you.