IMPRINT: Letter from the Editors


Dear Reader,  

There is a special place for literary work in this world. In times of hardship or in times of joy, we turn to literature and creative writing as means of coping, a way to express words or feelings that we would never or could never say aloud.

A collection of art can be the loudest form of expression. A picture can speak a thousand words. A story can take us somewhere we’ve never been. A poem can reach across distance and time.  

IMPRINT is a collection of those creative works that are nearest and dearest to their authors. Regardless of medium, these works speak louder than you might expect at first glance. But what are they saying? That is entirely up to you. 

As you wander through this collection, our hope is that you will be transported through the work, reflect on their lessons, listen to the words they tell you and even closer to the ones they don’t. And hopefully they will leave an impression, an imprint on your soul.  

Being the inaugural issue of the Marquette Wire LitMag, IMPRINT is the beginning of a new era of content for the organization. Thank you to all who submitted work for consideration; without your contributions, this publication would not be complete. 

Thank you! 


Kiley Brockway and Kimberly Cook
LitMag Project Coordinator and Managing Editor of the Marquette Journal