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PATEL: Leaving my Legacy


This article is going to be completely different from anything that I have ever written before. It’s not every day you get asked to write a senior column when you’ve been doing opinion articles for the past three years. 

To start off, I am a nursing major, on the complete opposite end of journalism. I knew I wanted to join a club or an organization in my sophomore year. I wanted to join something that I loved to do and put my voice out there. More importantly, I wanted to do something in which I could leave my legacy behind at Marquette. Something people would always remember me by. 

Most people would think that writing a 600-word paper once a week is a burden, but I looked forward to getting my voice out there. I did the school newspaper for fun in high school and I knew writing would always be something I loved to do. That’s why getting this opportunity again meant everything. It felt like such a privilege to be able to express myself and put myself out there. 

This was an incredible opportunity to get my beliefs out there. I knew I was taking a risk when I talked about controversial topics and how some people would disagree with them. However, I know how much my stories actually mattered. I’ve had students and even professors reach out to me saying how much they liked my stories. 

I did feel out of place at first, being that most of these kids knew each other from class. The Opinions desk was its own little bubble compared to bigger desks such as the News desk. It was hard to fit in and find my place in this club. But I took that shot and I introduced myself and met new people. It was hard at first, getting out of my comfort zone and talking to people who I have never met before. It’s a terrifying thing to do in general and it definitely took me a lot of courage, but I would not have met these people who have had such a strong impact on my life.

Being a part of the Wire was challenging yet so rewarding in many ways. There were times when stories and edits would be overwhelming, stories would get cut and work would pile up. But seeing your story in print every week or your Journal story come to life is a feeling like no other and knowing that it’s going to be out there forever. It is such an honor to say that writing is my talent. 

It served as a reminder of everything that I do in life. I have to get out of my comfort zone and take challenges head-on regardless of the outcome. Regardless if I fail, get rejected or second-guess myself. Dreams and goals are out there and they deserved to be chased after. Nothing in life comes easy, but if being on The Wire taught me anything, the result is worth it. Looking back, my hard work and dedication are why I am the person that I am today and who I will be in the future. 

I want to thank everyone on The Wire for giving me the opportunity of a lifetime. I am eternally grateful. And a special thank you to the Opinions desk for everything these past three years. Thank you for making my never-ending thoughts come to life. 

Being a part of this organization was something that empowered me to make my values matter when I couldn’t talk. They showed me the true power of my words. With that, I am signing out for the final time.

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